In today’s fashion industry, every brand tries to give its admirers something mesmerizing to look forward to at all seasons. At Eshvi we are always in search for new inspiration and try to handcraft it into our favorite pieces of jewelry. From must-have earrings to wear-forever rings, bracelets and necklaces, there’s always an item that comes to mind when we think of Eshvi. 

There are earrings and then there are Eshvi’s Drops – the earrings that most perfectly go with everything. Coming in various pops of colours, these charmers are charmingly feminine and always a good reason to go out. 

What comes to mind when we say - artful and full of romantic vibes? There’s not much thinking needed, since our famous Lips Ring is something that every jewelry lover has in their box. The ring is part of our exclusive collection and outstanding when worn solo at a special event.


For this summer collection we took a deep dive under the sea and came across the magical world of sea creatures that were later miniaturized into jewelry pieces. The Pearl Sea Animal Necklace is strung with pearls and five charms in harmonizing colors. It will have you looking chic around the clock.

Pearls, pearls and more pearls – they are our favorite at Eshvi. We use it in almost all of our jewelry items, but out Pearl Bracelet is a feminine piece that can be worn for a night out with your special one.