When thinking of the holiday season, there is a lot that comes to mind, but dressing up is everyone’s favorite thing to do. Sometimes jewelry is all you need to make a statement and sparkle all the way. Whether it’s an earring, necklace, or a ring– there is always something experimental with Eshvi jewelry.

When looking for unique holiday gifts, the launch of our new Cactus line could not arrive at abetter time. Combination of colors, clear crystal stones and pearls will get you in the spirit.

Adding sharpness and sparkle to your outfit is something that can be done with jewelry. If you are indeed in the mood to stand out in the crowd, embellish yourself with the cactus collection.

Hanging from 18-karat golden hoops, the Turquioise and Malachite Cactuses are adorned with SW clear crystals. It’s especially festive, but at the same time you will fall in love with them forever – pairing them with casual day-to-day outfits and posh looks you plan to carry into 2021.


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