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Don’t fit in!
It’s no secret that here at Eshvi, we’re on a mission: a mission to put an end to the idea about “fitting in”. To us, classic doesn’t mean toning down or being low-key. To us, classic jewellery may be brave, daring and colourful.
What makes the jewellery classic to you is that it suits you. Your personality. Your style.
Your classics ARE you. And what do you like most of all?

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Edgy classic earrings will redeem any wardrobe crisis!

Your personality, your style, your edgy classics.
Do you go in for razzmatazz every day? Dresses, colourful prints, high heels, glam and glitter? Or are you more into blue jeans, sneakers and chunky sweaters?
Find your Eshvi evergreens, and you’ll always be ready to grab your favourite jewellery and add that extra wow factor to your favourite outfit of the day. 

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An edgy classic ring for a classy girl

Find YOUR edgy classic jewellery.
Your outfit reflects your personality and your mood. The same every day? Don’t think so! Therefore, your collection of jewellery must reflect you on any occasion: on wild days running at full throttle and on calmer days at low revs. Jewellery with pearls, silver jewellery or jewellery with gold is timeless and will go with most outfits – find exactly the right colours and shapes for your taste among bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings. 

Edgy is the new classic
At Eshvi, we like to stand out. Not to blend in. We emphasise colours, shapes and moods. We look for a bit more edge.
Do you dare?
We challenge you: Go classic the edgy way with Eshvi!


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